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Om Die Rooinek Te Vererg

August 25th, 2009 20 comments

dictionaryI’m afraid that since I left school Afrikaans has been nothing more than an annoying ex. You know the one – you don’t want to talk to them, they don’t want to talk to you and you can’t believe you were ever with them.

It’s not that I have anything particular against Afrikaans – I’m just glad I no longer have to speak it. I simply wasn’t built to get around all the difficult sounds. I can’t brrrei – it comes out all flat and horrible sounding. Although I can fully understand quite a lot, pronouncing the title of this piece sounds like I’m trying to speak with marbles in my mouth. In fact, I firmly believe that the whole language was created as a weapon against the British.

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Love It Or Hate It…

August 18th, 2009 6 comments

RooinekI was forced, along with all other kids in the land, to learn Afrikaans at school and it was a language I despised as a child. This I think was mainly because the main protagonists in our childhood rivalries were predominantly Afrikaans and we were usually in the minority and so tended to lose these arguments. I can still hear the shouted insults between two groups of youngsters. ” Rooinekke” aimed at the English kids and the equally disparaging “Rock-Spiders” being hurled back.

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Deurmekaar Taal

August 14th, 2009 49 comments

Afrikaans, that mainstay of “can like to” jokes, and also my home language. There’s a certain dichotomy in my mind about it: At it’s best, one of the most beautiful languages around. At it’s worst, the language of the oppressor.

The thing about writing this, is that in a perfect world, I’d address the language in isolation, as just a means of expression. But it’s almost impossible without invoking the association with the white nation in South Africa that call themselves “Afrikaners”. We’re made up of all kinds of european and (although few will admit) some eastern and african DNA, put into a melting pot, adding some kitchen dutch.

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The Rooinek And The Rock Spider

August 5th, 2009 14 comments

edwardThe neighbourhood that I grew up in was, I suppose you could say, predominantly Afrikaans. There was one local school about three blocks away that had full khaki uniforms (sans shoes) and being a student at a private school ten km’s away, I didn’t exactly have the motivation to go out and be friends with my neighbours.

I know that my mother and her siblings were given a hard time by the local kids when they arrived in South Africa in the early 60’s and I believe that a lot of rooi nekke were in the same boat, especially the ones with fresh English accents.

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