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My Children Don’t Sing My Culture Anymore

August 26th, 2009 8 comments

My culture was long strangled by it’s so-called advocates.

I was brought up semi-schizo, with my Afrikaans mother and very English dad and going to a super-conservative Afrikaans school while living in an English suburb. But that was nothing compared to what was going down a few years later, when the “struggle” really came to a head in urban environs. By that time I had gone forth and multiplied, had published verse in my beloved mother tongue, and considered myself one of the Afrikaans avant-garde (or avant-guano, as my friends and I preferred to call it, as most of our ideals had been shot to shit by the ardent right wing fools). And even then I saw the death-knell coming.

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Deurmekaar Taal

August 14th, 2009 49 comments

Afrikaans, that mainstay of “can like to” jokes, and also my home language. There’s a certain dichotomy in my mind about it: At it’s best, one of the most beautiful languages around. At it’s worst, the language of the oppressor.

The thing about writing this, is that in a perfect world, I’d address the language in isolation, as just a means of expression. But it’s almost impossible without invoking the association with the white nation in South Africa that call themselves “Afrikaners”. We’re made up of all kinds of european and (although few will admit) some eastern and african DNA, put into a melting pot, adding some kitchen dutch.

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